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Network & internet Content Encryption


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Is your network as safe as you think?  

There are currently two principle methods employed to secure a network connection, SSL and VPN.

Both have been around for years and are assumed by many to be the safe option, BUT how safe are these solutions and do they reflect the needs of today’s vast movement of sensitive data.   

VPN’s are the current choice of most companies using remote communications despite the overheads of system maintenance and software implementation, coupled with the venerability associated with all software.  VPN’s also present the hacker with the opportunity to break the encryption during the initialisation phase of every session when introduction data is exchanged which is NOT encrypted. As for SSL’s the choice of internet transactions, hackers have already compromised many of these as well as the NSA.  And remember that both these options lack the basic security requirement specified by security experts of the three specific identification criteria establishing the user:-

    “Something you have, something that you know, and something that you are”.

Is there a secure alternative without these weaknesses?                                          Yes!

Provides a solution with hardware encryption, therefore immune to software weaknesses, overheads and corruptions.




Is fully portable and creates a secure and secret connection to the host server without any intervention by the end user.



Tomorrow’s Solution Today

Obeys the fundamental principles of user identification by using both bio-metrics and a password.


The comments made by CESG were that “The built-in VPN has not been independently assured to Foundation Grade.” This means that the software does meet all the technical requirements of security to pass the assessment, but that the software itself has not been independently assessed to make sure that it hasn’t been tampered with during the development process.

      The                  Solution Has All Three