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The NiCE™ GateWay sits at the centre of the Secure Network located at the site of the ClientsData Centre.  This is a sealed unit that handles all of the interaction required to create a secure link to the NiCE™ Security Token/User PC. Only those NiCE™ Security Token devices that match their designated GateWay can communicate with it and any associated systems.  It is therefore impossible for the owner of a NiCE™ Security Token to access the data behind any other GateWay.

 Security Overview

The NiCE Security System not only provides the security link necessary to enable communication with the Client’s servers but also verifies the legitimacy of the connected user by finger print recognition.  Every time the user logs on the communication verification is established by a ‘256bit Unique One Time Encrypted Code Word’.  The system is further protected by the NiCE™ Security Token by virtue of handshaking procedure (cycled every 2 seconds) with the Host PC which closes the session in the event of the NiCE™ Security Device being disconnected.

The unique design of the NiCE™ Security Key and the association with its dedicated GateWay provides a secure means of communication with the host Server.  With the special techniques employed the USER is able to enjoy a secure link even if the host PC being used is ‘dirty’ (infected by malware or viruses). Imagine being in an Internet café in Moscow, Beijing or Lagos and being able to communicate with your bank or head office in the knowledge that your transaction is safe from prying eyes and immune to ‘Key Logging’. ‘MITM’ (Man in the Middle), ‘MITB’(Man in the Browser), ‘Sniffing’, ‘Hacking’, or otherwise interfered with by any criminal third party, individual or organised ring.  

The Hardware

The NiCE™ Secure Key

Using 256 bit AES encryption the NiCE™ (Network & Internet Content Encryption) products are at the leading edge of technology and provide a unique approach to achieving new levels of data security over any network.  While the internal workings are complex the USER is presented with a simple ‘user friendly’ means of achieving a secure connection with the organisation’s SERVER.



The System Overview

USB Link

The VPN-GateWay